Thursday 30 April 2015

Learning Abacus- A Long Term Asset

Though Abacus is a course that is structured for kids of ages 4 to 14 years old, investing into it can prove to be a long term asset. Learning Abacus is not a matter of being able to perform mathematical calculations effectively, instead it is way more. With prolonged duration of the course, advancing to learn key value skills like visualization, photographic memory, logical reasoning, recall etc. becomes possible.

All this and more is a resultant of dedicated efforts in a total of 10 levels of Abacus training that extends to 4 and half years. With more active brain functions plus mental agility as a gift at an early age, anyone can secure the future. These benefits are not short term and remain only till the time the course is taken rather they can be realized for a lifetime.

Here is an incident narrated by Nirav who once took up an Abacus course at Master Mind-

“I am Nirav. I had undergone 10 levels of Abacus training at Master Mind which I had completed in the year 2009. I am pursuing my under graduation now and I thank my parents almost every day for putting me into this course. I always stay ahead of my peers as I am able to understand my lectures better. I feel I listen better than everyone else, I create a picture of lessons in my head, visualize it and thus learn better. Everything stays in my memory and I can recall it proficiently during exams unlike any of my friends. Plus my mental calculations always assist me in my daily routine. All this is possible because I went for Abacus classes when I was a kid. I am sure it will keep on helping me in my profession too. Thanks to my Abacus trainer who taught me at Master Mind.”

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Sunday 26 April 2015

Shape of beads in an Abacus Instrument

We all are aware about the fact that Abacus instrument consist of beads which are moved to and fro in the upper and lower decks to calculate the arithmetic operations. All the beads have a value, the lower deck beads age assigned a value 1 each, and the beads in upper deck are allotted a value 5 each.

But not many of us would know why these beads in an Abacus instrument are designed only in a particular shape. The beads of Abacus are oval in shape and have “sharp edges”.

Let us understand why the Abacus beads have sharp edges…

Whenever a child who is pursuing Abacus training touches the beads of the instrument while performing calculations, the sharp edges comes directly in contact with the fingers. This sends a sensor to the neurons of the left and right sides of brain thus activating it to perform the desired action i.e. mental calculation. As a result, the brain functions twice than normal and increases mental agility in children to effectively perform arithmetic operations with speed and accuracy.

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Wednesday 15 April 2015

Can Abacus Training Help Kids Become Scientifically Curious?

Before we debate on the subject, it becomes important for us to understand what “Scientific Curiosity” is. All of us have been victims of being forced to follow or practice a particular belief or custom without knowing a reason as to why it is done. This has made us wonder about the unanswered questions and happen to be curious. Logically, there is science behind everything that we do; everything that occurs naturally or even the things we practice based on traditions. When we willingly or unwillingly get involved in studying or researching for the science involved behind the different occurrences, is termed as Scientific Curiosity. 

Now, that we understand the term Scientific Curiosity, it is easy to relate and notice that kids are more enthusiastic to seek answers to strange questions that nobody answers. And if your child is following this track, it is time to celebrate as he/she is elevating towards the top. If this child is put into Abacus training, he/she will involve into exploring the in-concluded areas of discussions. It directs the child to take a step in a positive side. Scientific curiosity and Abacus training together can-

·         Make children intuitive and inquisitive
·         Develop their creativity
·         Make them competent
·         Activate their mental agility
·         Allow them to think beyond what is told

Can you think of more benefits that children can avail as a result of Scientific Curiosity and professional Abacus course? Share your thoughts with us in the comments…

Tuesday 7 April 2015

When to enroll kids for Abacus Training?

Parents often have several questions regarding when should they put their child into the Abacus course and what is the right age to start? They are mislead by the many opinions given by people and thus find it difficult to decide. We request all such parents to clarify all their doubts by contacting Master Mind Abacus and getting the right answer or advice. In this blog, we try to answer certain queries you might be having. Hope it helps in making right decisions…

Generally, Abacus course is an 8 to 12 levels program offered by different learning centers and education companies. Master Mind Abacus consists of 10 levels and the child is able to finish the complete course in 2 and half years. The right age to start taking up the course is as early as 4 years. The course is open for kids between 4 to 14 years. The earlier they start the training, the more beneficial it is.

It is a scientifically proven fact, backed by several years of research that 70% of brain development takes place when the kids are in the age group of 4 to 14 years. Abacus training is given to best utilize the benefits at this tender age. Hence, it becomes the most appropriate time to enroll children for taking the Abacus course.

Thursday 2 April 2015

What exactly is Abacus?

Many people often confuse themselves by considering Abacus as a calculating device. They are partially correct as the Abacus instrument, during the ancient times was only used as a tool for performing calculations. But as the years have passed, people have realized that the wonders of using an Abacus instrument cannot merely be limited to being an aid to perform calculations.

In the modern era (ages after the discovery), Abacus instrument is used as a “Brain Development Tool” for small kids. Children aged 4 to 14 years are educated over Abacus where they are exposed to using both (left and right) hands. As a result of this training for over 2 and half years, both sides of brain functionality gets activated (unlike the usual brain functions where only one side of the brain remains active).

According to the researches, it is observed and proved that as a result of Abacus training, when kids use left hand, sensors of right brain are hit and vice versa. For this reason, the brain is able to function twice than usual and adds to the academic performances of children. Of course, the mental arithmetic and ability to perform faster calculations count among the many benefits of opting for the Abacus course.

Thursday 20 November 2014

The reason why you sent your child for the Abacus classes

Being an education company, the research and development team at Master Mind constantly puts in regular efforts to understand the market trends and demands. This approach has always helped us provide the best education solutions for supplying the students’ demands.

A major question raised by our company during a recent research to the parents of Abacus learners was that, “why after all did they send their children to take the Abacus course?” It was astonishing to know that the most common reason given by the parents was that, “we send our child to the Abacus classes because our neighbor’s (or someone in the locality) son/daughter also goes there, and we heard it is quite beneficial for children and their development”.

Stunned? Or disheartened? Well, I agree that this answer is just too flimsy to take a decision for any child’s future. And so, it becomes extremely important for every parent to have complete information about the courses.

If it is an Abacus program, they should have quantifiable knowledge on Abacus, its benefits to children, its effects, the course structure and more. Be a well-informed and well-read parent before you actually choose to put your child into the Abacus course.

Importance and need of an awareness drive on Abacus

In today’s cut throat competition, every parent wishes to give their child a platform through which they can excel in studies and elsewhere and thus have an edge over others. But to decide which platform to opt for, they must be rational enough to evaluate all options thoroughly. It then becomes the responsibility of the education company to make the parents’ aware about what courses are offered and their benefits to children.

Master Mind Abacus understands this concern and so it conducts awareness drive on the Abacus and all its perspectives in the form of demos, workshops, seminars etc. The parents and their children attend these programs and get complete insight about the course. After this, they are able to settle on the fact whether this particular option is what they really need.   

Well informed parents take the right decisions for their kids

Taking any decision under the influence of others can prove to be fatal sometimes. It is exceedingly important for parents to have a valid reason behind any decision taken for a child’s future. We as a reputed and transparent education company help parents’ in choosing the most suitable option. In the end, our prime duty is to shape up students’ career and lead them on to the correct path. 

Every child is precious and deserves the best education solutions to lead in his/her career. Drop him into the Abacus course at Master Mind. The advance mental arithmetic skills your child gains will prove to be a turning point in his/her academics.

Monday 17 November 2014

Master Mind extends its wings to Jharkhand

Master Mind being a premium education company has been successfully marking its overwhelming presence throughout the world by serving lacs of students. In this ongoing effort of reaching out to maximum beneficiaries i.e. students and providing them with top-notch education solutions, Mr. Rajesh Agarwal, AMF Master Mind, Jharkhand, has stepped up for his invaluable association with the company.

Master Mind, a well-renowned supplementary education company has been offering to students the most convenient and fun ways of learning since over 17 years. With its presence now in Jharkhand, the company expects to reach new geographies and get appreciated for serving varied needs of a large group of students.

With the launch of Master Mind in Jharkhand, the masses will experience all new trend setting pattern of education and learning. The students will learn courses that will nurture their knowledge, make effective use of their complete brain, add on to their academic scores and boost their confidence. In a nutshell, students will hold an illuminating personality that will help them have an edge over others.

Highlights of the product offerings from Master Mind, Jharkhand include:

·         Master Mind Abacus- A complete brain development program for students of 4 to 14 years wherein students will be taught to effectively utilize its left and right brain functions and perform speedy mental arithmetic calculations. The modern teaching methods here make learning fun and engaging for students and they study on the platform of games.

·         Write Right- An array of courses for improving handwriting, adding speed to it, beautifying it through forms of calligraphy and more. A good handwriting fetches improved academic scores, a confident personality and a bunch of other achievements in hand. Write Right programs are an asset for a lifetime.

The Master Mind franchise in Jharkhand promotes everyone to join hands with us and be an associate of ours. We are constantly in search for associates who wish to serve the students in their community with high end education solutions. For their priceless efforts, they will not only gain business growth but also satisfaction and immense praise for their offerings.

We welcome all the young, dynamic, experienced and dedicated educators at heart to join us in the cause and also own their personal training centers to educate students in their area or locality. Be a part of this revolutionary education company to live your own dreams and help your students’ dreams come true.

Contact us to be a franchise today! Visit and Own the globe’s best Abacus training institute and be a part of the world’s largest chain of handwriting institutes.