Sunday, 26 April 2015

Shape of beads in an Abacus Instrument

We all are aware about the fact that Abacus instrument consist of beads which are moved to and fro in the upper and lower decks to calculate the arithmetic operations. All the beads have a value, the lower deck beads age assigned a value 1 each, and the beads in upper deck are allotted a value 5 each.

But not many of us would know why these beads in an Abacus instrument are designed only in a particular shape. The beads of Abacus are oval in shape and have “sharp edges”.

Let us understand why the Abacus beads have sharp edges…

Whenever a child who is pursuing Abacus training touches the beads of the instrument while performing calculations, the sharp edges comes directly in contact with the fingers. This sends a sensor to the neurons of the left and right sides of brain thus activating it to perform the desired action i.e. mental calculation. As a result, the brain functions twice than normal and increases mental agility in children to effectively perform arithmetic operations with speed and accuracy.

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