Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Internet Safety Tips for your child

Being an education company whose presence is felt over the internet, Master Mind Abacus is concerned about your child being safe with the absurd happenings over the web. We agree to the fact that internet has almost become an essential part of our lives, but there are possibilities that your child may adapt wrong things from it.

How to check if your child is walking the right track?

Here are some of the advises that will help you answer the same.

1.      Ask your child not to share its online passwords with others
2.      Tell your child that it should not share their address, full name or other details with those whom they don’t know well
3.      Keep a check on what they browse
4.      Place the computer at an open area where anyone can walk through
5.      Share their online time and ask them what do they surf
6.      You may take access of the child’s account to know about where it is involved
7.      Teach them about what they should be doing and what not
8.      Have control of what they share (photographs of their own etc.)

Parents should protect their children from negative online actions and communications. As a parent you should be aware and informed about your child.

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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Choosing the Right Child Care Option

Are you a working parent? If yes, you might certainly wonder about choosing the right option where you can make your child stay while you work. With several options available these days, you need to consider the one that offers quality and is economic. After all, every parent wants to gift the best care to their child.

Cited under are some of the options available to choose for your child:

1.      Family
If you have relatives in the same city as yours, you can leave your kid at their place as it would give him a feeling of being at home. Also, full care would be given to your child and you will be able to work without any tension.

2.      Day care centers
These are the most preferred option that is opted by most of the parents. This is place where children are safe and are supplied with games of their interest and an ambience that is joyous. It is like a second home to children.

3.      Baby Sitters
You can hire a nanny or a baby sitter who would come down to your place and take care of your child. They stay at your home while you are out for work and take complete responsibility of the child in your absence.

We at Master Mind Abacus, being educationists are highly considerate about the children and also ensure complete care to our Abacus students during the class. We are more than just their teachers. We are a family, a friend and a home to children.

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Monday, 2 December 2013

What do you plan for your kid this winter?

Winters have already arrived and it is time for your child’s school to close down for vacations. Did you plan something productive to gift your child this new season? If not, hurry up and enroll your child for the Master Mind Abacus course…

Did you just wonder why?

Well, soon after the vacation gets over, will arrive the exam season. You as a parent would certainly want your child to perform better in his/her exams. So, why not put them into the Abacus course and contribute in his/her complete brain and personality development of children between 4-14 years of age altogether.

The Abacus course is a proven program that nurtures the child mental arithmetic skills along with amplifying their brain functions in such a way that it improves their performance in every field. The Abacus beads on the calculating frame sends stimulus directly to the brain through fingers and thus helps ease solving mathematical problems.

The child learns to make effective use of Abacus and gets better in mental calculations as and when he/she precedes to higher levels (total number of levels being 10). So, secure your child’s academic scores in future by getting him/her benefited from the best Abacus classes at Master Mind. 

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