Thursday, 30 April 2015

Learning Abacus- A Long Term Asset

Though Abacus is a course that is structured for kids of ages 4 to 14 years old, investing into it can prove to be a long term asset. Learning Abacus is not a matter of being able to perform mathematical calculations effectively, instead it is way more. With prolonged duration of the course, advancing to learn key value skills like visualization, photographic memory, logical reasoning, recall etc. becomes possible.

All this and more is a resultant of dedicated efforts in a total of 10 levels of Abacus training that extends to 4 and half years. With more active brain functions plus mental agility as a gift at an early age, anyone can secure the future. These benefits are not short term and remain only till the time the course is taken rather they can be realized for a lifetime.

Here is an incident narrated by Nirav who once took up an Abacus course at Master Mind-

“I am Nirav. I had undergone 10 levels of Abacus training at Master Mind which I had completed in the year 2009. I am pursuing my under graduation now and I thank my parents almost every day for putting me into this course. I always stay ahead of my peers as I am able to understand my lectures better. I feel I listen better than everyone else, I create a picture of lessons in my head, visualize it and thus learn better. Everything stays in my memory and I can recall it proficiently during exams unlike any of my friends. Plus my mental calculations always assist me in my daily routine. All this is possible because I went for Abacus classes when I was a kid. I am sure it will keep on helping me in my profession too. Thanks to my Abacus trainer who taught me at Master Mind.”

If you wish to avail the advantages of Abacus training for your kids throughout their lives, invest today. Enquire at


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  4. Thanks for the article. Though Abacus training are mainly designed for the kids but is it possible for an adult to take these classes and will they make any difference in his learning and memorizing capability?
    Please Tell.

  5. Well this article is worth a read. To understand the way Abacus Learning affects the development of brain.
    Thanks for sharing.

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