Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Abacus and its Evolution

  What is Abacus?

Abacus is an ancient instrument which was discovered 2500 years ago, and was used for doing mental arithmetic calculations. The instrument was made of frames (wood etc.) which had beads made of sand, stones, pebbles etc. It made use of both the hands to move beads and perform calculations. This process enables the use of both left and right sides of brain through proper finger movements.

Evolution of Abacus

There have been contradictions on “who discovered Abacus?” It is believed that the Abacus instrument was discovered in China in 500 B.C. while some arguments indicate it was discovered by Babylonian circa in 300 B.C. According to some sources, Abacus was first used by Indians with a separate column for ‘shunya’ also known as ‘zero’.

The most primitive Abacus was the Salamis tablet used by Babylonians. All the evolutions in size, shape or appearance were done based on this Abacus. The Chinese Abacus, named Suanpan, which existed in modern age, was the one having 2/5 decks. The Japanese Abacus, Soroban soon replaced Suanpan due to its complexity in operations. Soroban Abacus had 1/4 decks and is the one which is in use today.

Functions of Abacus

The Abacus is used for calculating operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals and calculations for negative numbers.

Master Mind provides Abacus training for kids to enhance their mental arithmetic and result is augmented brain development.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Master Mind conducts Online Abacus Competitions

 As a concerned parent, you might seek for the best quality education services for your child. Since you are reading this blog, you are already aware about the Abacus program and its offerings. If you are in search for how Master Mind is different from other companies, here is our unique feature that you might be interested in- online facility to appear for Abacus certification.

Master Mind Abacus provides its students, an ease and convenience to appear for Center, State and National level competitions on an online platform. Unlike other Abacus companies, this effort of ours allows the students to give online exams from their home town. This minimizes the need for students and their parents to travel to particular centers of the country, thereby saving time and money. These exams help the students to be well prepared for future competitions.

In addition, the online examinations utilizes modern technology for its smooth and hassle free conduction. It evaluates the students instantly and gives real-time results as soon as they submit their exam. It diminishes the human errors as the whole process is automated.

The online competitions are convenient even for the abacus franchise as it reduces their effort and expenses for conducting exams. Online exams tests children on the basis of their mental arithmetic abilities, speed and accuracy. Opt for the Master Mind Abacus course for your child now!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Master Mind’s Speed Building Software

MasterMind’s has always endeavored to deliver new and innovative education solutions to students. With an effective use of technology, we have successfully incorporated the same into our teaching methods which makes the abacus learning “fun” for kids.

Our Speed Building Software ensures training students by giving them an opportunity to learn while playing. This software involves full engagement from children by making them do their abacus practice on their computers. It start to put up questions one after the other on the screen. The students calculate mentally and marks the correct option from those displayed, submit it and get the feedback right away.

The whole process runs giving a feeling of playing a video game. This method of learning assures that the child practices abacus without getting burdened and bored and solves even complex calculations easily.

The famous Abacus researcher Ms. Shizuko Amaiwa, Professor, Shinshu University has stated that “some measures must be taken to keep the learners from being bored, since repetition of simple procedures is often accompanied by boredom.”

Master Mind’s abacus course has been structured as per the scientific studies and so best suits the requirement of children. Our abacus training for kids through speed building software not only enhances their mental arithmetic, but also results in their complete brain development.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Business Opportunities for Abacus Franchises

Abacus was discovered in ancient times as a device for performing mental arithmetic calculations. Abacus training has become popular over the last two decades due to its ability to benefit the children (especially between the ages of 4 to 14 years) as it works as a complete brain development program.

Education has always been the priority for students. Supplementary course like Abacus have been adopted widely to give an edge over others in this era of competition. In addition, it also offers a vast business opportunity.

Being a Mastermind Franchisee you will be provided with one such opportunity where you would be having a chance to run an ethical business by serving the demands and supply in the education industry. This opportunity is advantageous both in financial as well as economic terms.

Advantages of being Our Franchise

·         Be your own Boss! Work on your own conditions…
·         Continual support and assistance throughout the tenure
·         Association with a renowned and reputed brand
·         Exposure to international market trends in education industry

Master Mind works in maintaining long-term relationships with its Abacus franchises. For this, it provides world class support and services that will make the business grow and flourish. It gives the Virtual Abacus training software which ensures continued quality abacus trainingfor kids.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Virtual Abacus: An initiative by Master mind

MasterMind Abacus has always centered itself on providing quality solutions to the students. But behind the course of action lies the conscious efforts of the teachers and trainers. They make the students understand the course, teach them and then augment their skills to learn the course.

To ensure superior training to the students we ascertain that the teachers and trainers should be supreme in what they teach. For this, we have introduced new training software called Virtual Abacus.

The Virtual Abacus is like a 24/7 master guide available to all the trainers of Master Mind Abacus franchises. They can refer to it at any point of time even after the training is complete from the company’s end.

How does Virtual Abacus Work?

In the software, you have to input a question on the screen with required mathematical signs, the tutorial will demonstrate the process to solve it on the abacus instrument that too with proper finger and thumb movements of both hands and displays the correct answer.

Here’s an example to be illustrated

Suppose we have to get a solution to 97+47-35+45. Firstly choose the operators ‘+-‘and input the sum. This is how it’s demonstrated over the screen:

Add 97
Now, click Next step on the screen
Add 47
Again click Next step
Less 35
Again click Next step
Add 45

The output displayed is 154 along with proper hand movements on the Virtual Abacus. Thus, we make teaching mental arithmetic to students through our abacus franchises simplified, friendly and convenient.