Friday, 9 August 2013

Abacus and its Benefits…


Abacus is the most primitive calculating device. This ancient system in the modern age aims on developing the power of the brain and also amplifies the arithmetic abilities. Its effect can be best observed in children of age between 4 to 14 years, as during this age 75% of brain development takes place.

Recently, the abacus programs have created hype in the education industry, as this supplementary course has benefitted the students in innumerable ways. The abacus course has proved to be a brain development tool that enhances the overall personality of children. The important factor to be considered is that the parents opts for the right course from an authentic company.

Benefits of Abacus Program

·         Makes student confident
·         Makes them competent for future challenges
·         Gives children an opportunity to excel in their academic career
·         Enhances visualization (mental abilities)
·         Increases concentration in all subjects
·         Develops logical thinking abilities
·         Improves photographic memory (creating pictures in mind- abacus, maps, diagrams etc.)
·         Helps in recall (in examinations etc.)
·         Develops overall personality of children

Master Mind’s Abacus classes are the right place where your child can benefit the most by developing its brain and mental arithmetic skills.

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  1. Nice blog Isha, truly said. Abacus is an age old tool used for calculation and now it is again in use a lot. There are various advantages of regular practice of abacus, that is why now there are numerous institutes to provide abacus classes.